A sleek API platform for intelligence prototyping.

SQLpie™ is a simple, intuitive, and powerful API platform for prototyping projects that require data intelligence features.

Store Documents

Store your application's JSON documents in your existing SQL database. Throw a curveball in the NoSQL game.

Store Observations

Track relationships among Documents by capturing subjects, predicates, and objects (e.g. User X likes Article Z)

Process Data

Explore all the services provided by the API: Indexing, Searching, Classification, Document Matching, Recommendation, Summarization, etc...

Build Prototypes

Use SQLpie as the backbone for your new idea so you can quickly get a prototype out the door.

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SQLpie is on Github.
It's Open Source, MIT License.


Get involved! If you come across any improvements, bugs or feature requests, please send me your feedback. If you want to dive into the project, the documentation and tests are the best place to start, of course. There's still a lot that can be done and/or documented... so keep an eye out for updates.


SQLpie can help you with the following type of tasks:

• How can I store JSON documents in my database ? (documents service)

• How can I keep track of document relationships? (observations service)

• What documents exist for query Q ? (indexing and search services)

• What documents are located near location L ? (geosearch service)

• What top keyphrases and keywords relate to query Q? (tagcloud search service)

• What are the key sentences and terms associated with document D? (summarization service)

• What documents are similar (or relate) to document D? (document matching service)

• Will user U like document D? (classification service)

• How likely is user U to like document D? (classification service)

• What documents is user U likely to love based on user data? (recommendation service)

• What other users have a document taste similar to user U? (similarity service)


Hi, I'm André Lessa. I've been working with Python and SQL since the mid-to-late 90s. In 2011, I started working on SQLpie when I had an idea to provide intelligence as a service. At that time, I conceptualized a simple API framework capable of managing information, and performing a lot of intelligent/information-retrieval/machine-learning tasks. With that idea in mind I spent a good part of that fall/winter and most of 2012 fully focused on the project. I pitched such API framework to a startup accelerator in the summer of '12 but didn't get in with that particular idea (I ended up getting in 6 months later with a more comprehensive, competitive intelligence, product in 2013, but that's another story). Fast forward to 2016, I am now open sourcing this codebase and sharing it with the world as I believe this framework has the potential to help others.